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Background of SUTD Library

From Library@Dover to
    the newSUTD Library @ East Coast Campus

Building on our vision of "Designed to Inspire, Inspired to Design", we are proud to present the new SUTD Library as an innovative space for discovery, learning and collaborative research. This is complemented with quiet corners and spaces for research and reflection. We place emphasis on encouraging interactivity and engaging our patrons to seamlessly exploit the vast wealth of information available digitally and at the physical Library. We believe you will find the Library:
  • a creative environment that encourages research, learning and discovery
  • provides an experience of discovery and learning through serendipity and using all your senses
  • opens minds to possibilities through engagement and partnerships
  • convenient and accessible with a 24x7 digital library
  • conducive for study and research and yet relaxing and fun.
Be awed and inspired as you navigate through the knowledge oasis housed over three levels.

Read on to get a glimpse of the nooks and corners at the Library
Need research assistance? Stop by at the SUTD Library Information Desks.
  Is there a fact you need to verify, data you need or simply a book to read? If you can’t find that illusive piece of info amidst the wealth of digital and physical resources @ the SUTD Library, seek the help of the Librarians on duty at the Library Information Desks. These InfoDesks are strategically located near the library entrances at Levels 1, 2 and 3.
Looking for a book, an article, video et al, Use the OPAC
Wondering if the Library has the title you need or where it is found while at the Library. Head to one of the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) stations conveniently placed on every floor of the library. These iMacs sit on countertops wrapped round pillars. The web-based OPAC is intuitive and easy to use. A powerful search engine allows you to search and identify titles of interest, check availability, place a reservation, book discussion rooms, check the status of your loans. Learn to use the new sophisticated OPAC today.  
Borrow Titles at the Self-Check Stations
  Don’t forget to borrow the items using the new self-check machines that are conveniently located on each floor before you leave the Library. An alarm will be triggered if you don’t. These machines are equipped with the latest CPU and sensitive touch pads which make checking out the titles a breeze.
Explore and Discover at the Multimedia Workstations
Located at Level 2 of the Library, these dedicated multimedia viewing carrels equipped with 27” iMacs are available for individual use. You can view a DVD, search a plethora of digital information resources for your projects and assignments away from the noise and crowd. Additional computers are available throughout the library to facilitate reading e-books, e-journals, and articles online. Look out for new collaborative features in the coming months.
Help yourself at the Self-service Auto Locker (SAL) - COMING SOON
No more queues or waiting for a librarian at the Library. Experience just-in-time borrowing/returning of eDevices. SAL is a set of smart lockers that allows you to borrow electronic gadgets such as eReaders, mimeo devices for writable surfaces, short throw projectors and more. Just use your student/staff ID card to tap open the lockers and borrow an item. All items taken from SAL will be registered as a loan against your name if your card is used to open the locker. When you have finished using it, return to the locker and your loan will be cancelled. SAL will also be used to dispense titles you had reserved and those borrowed through interlibrary loans. You can view your loans through your “MY ACCOUNT” in the Library system.
Outside In, Inside Out Perspective at the Exhibit

To open minds to possibilities, the Library will initiate and host a variety of exhibitions to showcase not just student and faculty works but thematic exhibits from within SUTD as well as brought in from external organisations through partnerships. Find time and start discovering at the interactive screens, displays and posters.
Miss The GREEN @ Dover, Visit the new GREEN Parkscape
  Creatively turned the void between Level 1 and Level 2 into a cool Parkscape that serves as an informal space to relax and reflect. The Parkscape doubles up as a cosy mini-programming space that can accommodate more than 100 if seated “lecture theatre” style. The Parkscape is equipped with a large dropdown screen suspended from the ceiling for events and a Kinect Corner for you to relax. Lounge here to relax and enjoy board games or brain teasers with friends or have informal project discussions with your team or simply find a space to read/surf the net.
Flex your Brain Muscles with Mind Boggling Games and Brain Teasers
  Need a break from endless assignments and exams? Gather with your buddies and enjoy a board game, brain-teaser or create with building blocks. Explore the many award-winning board games … Seven Wonders, Power Grid, Settles of Catan, and more. Use them at the Games corner, Parkscape or Courtyard.  
Relax at the Kinect Corner
  Located at the GREEN Parkscape on Level 2, the Kinect Corner is a new addition to the Library aimed at relieving stress, flexing your muscles and spurring creativity through games. It includes a 42-inch TV and an Xbox.
Test and Gather Feedback at the Multimedia Prototype Corner
The Library offers all innovators an opportunity to engage library users to gather feedback on innovations. Showcase your latest brainchild be it your project or research or something of interest at our Multimedia Prototype Corner on Level 2.  It comes equipped with a smart tv, and 3 computers. Not only can you share your latest discovery & innovation to market test within a controlled space but you could also crowd-source for ideas! Don’t wait, make use of this space today. For details to showcase at this dedicated space, email your request to library@sutd.edu.sg
Interact, Brainstorm and Engage Peers at Discussion Rooms & Booths
  We have created ‘noisy’ areas where you can engage in discussions or brainstorm. Alternatively, you can also use the Discussion Booths @ Level 3, SUTD Library, or the Parkscape as well as the Courtyard. These are the ‘noisy’ areas where you can discuss, without having to worry about disturbing others  
The SUTD Library COLLECTION, a reservoir of information
  The Library carries a growing print and electronic collection to support the learning, teaching and research needs of all students, faculty, researchers and staff. Current selection is focused on the associated disciplines in engineering systems, architecture, information and computer science, product design and humanities and social sciences. An electronic collection of ebooks, newspapers and journals are also accessible 24/7. The Library is also home to a growing collection of material samples of innovative and sustainable materials and processes in the world. The samples displayed at the library are a subset of more than 6500 samples available on the Materials Connexion online database.
Touch, Feel and Understand The Materials
  Working on your design project and looking for inspirations & suitable materials? Explore the popular material samples @ Level 1, SUTD Library! You get to see, feel and touch a wide range of materials used in architecture or product design. This collection will help you to envisage the design potentials in the wide range of materials available. More in-depth information about each sample is also accessible online via the Material Connexion Database. Simply scan the QR code on any sample, and learn about its physical, electrical, processing properties and other information right at your fingertip.
Stay Abreast and Discover through Serendipity at the Current Periodicals Corner 

Looking for ideas, wondering what’s happening around you, what’s the next BIG THING? We encourage you to browse through the latest issues of a wide array of periodicals displayed at the Current Periodicals Corner on Level 1. Find the title interesting? Read back copies at Level 3 or research online through our Library databases at: http://library.sutd.edu.sg/sulb/discover.asp and set your profile to get regular updates.
Become Info Literate, Ask to Be Coached 

In today’s knowledge based economy, you need to stay abreast of developments and competition. It is important to exploit information for competitive advantage, and substantiate your research and works. Contact the Library Team at the InfoDesks or email library@sutd.edu.sg to learn how to effectively master research skills and use the wealth of information to stay ahead of competition.
Be at Home at The Living Room 

Located at Level 1 of the Library, relax while you read quietly in this cosy Living Room setting. Feel free to take a book, magazine or newspaper and settle in a comfortable lounge chair to discover the knowledge within. Let your eyes take a break as you gaze out at the cool courtyard.

COMING SOON…..Enjoy a respite at the Library Café 

Enjoy a cuppa while at the Library Café, located Level 1 of the Library. A range of gourmet brewed coffee, teas and freshly baked cakes is available to whet your appetite throughout the day. Connected to the Library, it allows you to enjoy a captivating book/magazine from the library or get a paper and research done through the WIFI while enjoying your drink. An excellent space for students, researchers and faculty to collaborate in surrounded with comfortable space for informal discussions and meetings.
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