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The SUTD Library aims to be an open access Library and will support the needs of SUTD students, faculty, researchers and staff as well as that of our partners and the industry. We aim to inculcate a culture of self-help and learning and this requires every user to operate in a professional and trusted manner.

The information and knowledge resources support your personal research and learning needs and should not be shared or redistributed in any form. You must observe the Singapore Copyright Act and any terms and conditions stated for specific resources. When using the information, please ensure you cite the sources correctly to avoid issues related to plagiarism.

The Library’s loan policy is as follows:
a. SUTD Library Core Book Collection : borrow using self check machines
b. SUTD Magazines : Read in the Library
c. NLB’s General Reading Collection : take what you want to read and return when you are done.

When borrowing items that from the Library, each user should use the self-check machine to register the loan. If you have reached your limit, speak to a Library staff. Please return the books when due or when recalled.

The Library has also placed copies of the recommended textbooks in each cohort classroom for reference. These will be managed by the respective class committee.

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